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MARCH 2021

We're more than halfway through the season, but most race series still have a race or two on the calendar! See results below from the masters regionals championships as well as the latest national speed series standings and upcoming races. Also included is a reminder that starting next season, you will need a FIS helmet!

Included in this email:

Congratulations to the 2021 Phillips 66 Western and Eastern Regional Champions

   The 2021 Phillips 66 FIS Masters Cup & Western Regional Championships and Eastern Regional Championships are a wrap! Click the links or visit usskiandsnowboard.org/masters/masters-news for a wrapup of both events. Congratulations to the Eastern and Western Champions below!

Western Region Championships Results  Eastern Region Championships Results

W08 (60-64) Amy Lanzel
W07 (55-59) Lisa Ballard
W06 (50-54) Liesl Panke
W05 (45-49) Dasha Kadulova
W03 (35-39) Lauren Beckos

M14 (90+) Gaetano Demattei
M13 (85-89) Charles Hauser
M12 (80-84) Don Smith
M11 (75-79) Knut Olberg
M10 (70-74) George Dorris
M09 (65-69) Stein Halsnes
M08 (60-64) Richard Slabinski
M07 (55-59) Chris Maxwell
M06 (50-54) Noel Christopher
M05 (45-49) Kevin Hendrickson
M04 (40-44) John Beckos
M03 (35-39) Phillips Armstrong
M01 (18-29) Wolfgang Virostek

W10 (70-74) Cynthia Berlack
W09 (65-69) Carlene Bassell
W08 (60-64) Sharon Way
W05 (45-49) Deborah Adams
W04 (40-44) Dawn Mazzanti
W03 (35-39) Leda Carpenter
W02 (30-34) Jacqueline Levy
W01 (18-29) Eliza Phillips

M11 (75-79) Roy Scovill
M10 (70-74) Duncan Cullman
M09 (65-69) Edward Sparkowski
M08 (60-64) Richard Jefferson
M07 (55-59) Sean Florian
M06 (50-54) Andrew Sorokin
M05 (45-49) Kevin Wickless
M04 (40-44) Aaron Kramer
M03 (35-39) Phillips Armstrong
M01 (18-29) Griffin Sarachek

2021-2022 FIS Helmet Reminder

As spring and summer sales come around, keep in mind that starting 2021-2022 it will be REQUIRED that Masters use helmets that meet the FIS standards for FIS Masters GS and SG competitions.

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2021 Phillips 66 National Speed Series Standings

Here is the 2021 National Speed Series information and results page! Check out the top 5 in each Age Group. With 4 races to go, the final winner is not yet decided in any of the groups!

With nine races complete we still have four left to go!2021 National Speed Series

Upcoming Masters Races

See the 2020-2021 Schedules for All Divisions and the division webpages for the full schedules and the latest updates.

Far West
Apr 1-3 Mammoth, CA 2SG/GS/SL

Mar 3-4 Park City, UT SL/GS
Mar 13-14 Ski Discovery 2GS/SL

Mar 7 Belleayre, NY GS/SL

New England
Mar12 Gunstock, NH 2SL
Mar 13 Mt. Southington, CT 2SL

New York
Mar 7 Swain, NY GS/SL

Pacific Northwest
Apr 16-18 Mt. Bachelor, OR SGtr, 2SG/GS/SL

Rocky Mountain
Mar 4-5 Keystone, CO GS/SL
Mar 11 Eldora, CO Parallel
Apr 1-4 Ski Cooper, CO camp/DHtr/2DH/2SG
adding Loveland events on some Wednesdays in March, more info coming soon

For questions and comments about this newsletter or the masters program contact:

Lauren Beckos Lauren Beckos
U.S. Ski & Snowboard
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