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DECEMBER 2020 Copper Camp and Zoom Meeting
The pictures are a bit different this year, but the skiing and awesome people are the same! Midwest and Rocky racers masked up at the Midwest Masters Fall Camp at Copper and the PNSA masters at a recent zoom meeting for their division.

There was plenty to be thankful for this year at Thanksgiving. Ski resorts in the United States are open, early season camps brought some much desired gate training, and many training programs have kicked off their season! If you've been lucky enough to get out, I'm sure you agree that the feeling of laying down some carved turns feels just as good as you remember.
We're excited to be able to announce that registration is open for both regional championship events! The national speed series schedule is now available and most divisions have their events up in skiracereg.com for registration. The Northern Masters kicked off the Masters race season last week with a GS in Red Lodge. There are likely more bumps in the road ahead as divisions navigate their local COVID environments, but one thing is for sure - we'll make the most of the race opportunities we have! See the COVID-19 Masters Racer Guidelines for tips to understand and navigate the COVID procedures. Be sure to read the communications from your division for each event and follow the directions and protocols. It is vital that race organizers and resorts know that masters racers are partners and fully engaged in the effort to have a healthy and successful season!

Included in this email:

COVID-19 Masters Racer Guidelines

To help you prepare for you first race and know what to expect racing this season, please read through the
COVID Masters Racer Guidelines 

Additional COVID Resources:

2021 Phillips 66 FMC/Western Regional Championships Registration Open

2021 FMC and Western Region Champs

A favorite venue for the larger masters events, previously hosting us for the 2018 FIS Masters World Criterium, Big Sky is excited to host the 2021 FIS Masters Cup/Western Regional Championships! The racing and the free-skiing are fantastic at Big Sky! Participation will be capped at 100 competitors.

Event Program  Registration is OPEN for races and training    Lodging Link     

Lift Ticket Link  

***If you plan to use an IKON pass, reserve your days through their website ASAP, Big Sky is limiting the number of IKON pass holders allowed per day.*** 

Big Sky Logo  Feb. 2     SL training (9am-12pm)
  Feb. 3     GS training (9am-12pm)
  Feb. 4     SG training (9am-12pm)/venue open to public in afternoon
  Feb. 5     2SG race
  Feb. 6     2 one-run GS races
  Feb. 7     SL race

See the event program and skiraceref.com/fis for the latest details.

All U.S. Ski & Snowboard Masters Members can compete, but a FIS Masters License is required for racers 30 years and older.

Check FIS Masters License Status     Renew/Add FIS Masters License

2021 Phillips 66 Eastern Regional Championships Registration Open

2021 Eastern Region Champs

We are excited to announce West Mountain as the location for the 2021 Eastern Regional Championships! This will be the third season in a row that the West Mountain has hosted a masters race. It has become a great partner venue for the Mid-Atlantic Masters and the Eastern race series. As with the FMC/Western Regionals, participation will be capped at 100 competitors.

Registration is OPEN 

West Mountain Logo       Feb. 12     SG race
       Feb. 13     GS race
       Feb. 14     SL race


2021 National Speed Series Schedule Announced

Here is the 2021 National Speed Series Schedule. Despite challenges with scheduling due to COVID, we have 18 races scheduled at 8 venues! There may be adjustments as the season goes along - we'll send updates as we have them! Grab your iron, get out the wax (non-fluoro) and get the long boards ready!

2021 National Speed Series

January Masters Races

See the 2020-2021 Schedules for All Divisions and the division webpages for the full schedules and the latest updates.

January 17-18 Alyeska, AK 2SL/2GS
**Alaska races are junior events and Masters must purchase a competitors membership to participate.

Jan 30 Wild Mountain, MN GS/SL training

Far West
Jan 22-24 Mammoth Mtn, CA 2SG/2SG/SG

Jan 15-17 Sun Valley, ID 2SG/GS/SL
Jan 30-31 Nordic Valley, UT SL/GS

Jan 5-8 West Mountain, NY camp

New England
Jan 8 Gunstock, NH 2SL
Jan 12-15 Wachusett, MA camp
Jan 16 Whaleback, NH 2SL
Jan 30 Shawnee Peak, ME 2GS

New York
See website for the latest updates.

Pacific Northwest
See website for the latest updates.

Rocky Mountain
Jan 11-15 Ski Cooper, CO camp/DHtr/2DH/SG,SL

Jan 9-10 Bryce Resort, VA GS/SL
Jan 18 Wintergreen, VA SL/GS
Jan 23-24 Sugar Mountain, NC SL/GS
Jan 30-31 Snowshoe, WV GS/SL

For questions and comments about this newsletter or the masters program contact:

Lauren Beckos Lauren Beckos
U.S. Ski & Snowboard
Alpine Masters Manager


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